Certify TLMT

Certify TLMT enables clients to better plan, build and release quality applications to accelerate innovation. This tool helps clients to deliver high-quality applications within established timeframes and budget, leveraging available skill sets. Certify TLMT provides a reliable, real-time view into the state of active projects, even the most complex application projects are manageable . You can create a complete set of application requirements, eliminating duplication or oversight. As a result, business analysts, QA professionals, developers and security teams can effectively collaborate to create applications that meet business needs. It improves application quality with detailed traceability of requirements to tests and defects.

  • Certify Testing Lifecycle Management Tool(TLMT) facilitates application management in the entire life cycle right from project proposal to project delivery.
  • Certify TLMT ensures delivery of high quality applications within specified timeframe and budget, enhancing the available skill sets.
  • Certify TLMT gives an holistic view to assist in planning, building and releasing of high quality and complex applications
  • Creating applications as per business requirements is made easy through business process models in Certify TLMT. These models enable the business analyst, QA professionals and developers to work collaboratively thereby eliminating redundancy.


Companion is a complete solution, which automates business processes such as Field Activities, Marketing Initiatives as well as analyzing sales performance, encompassed with CRM cutting across various customer interactions.

The growth of smartphones has influenced the need for innovative mobile based sales force automation systems. This enables the entire field force team, who is always on the feet, to carry the user friendlier smartphones with great interface design, touchscreens and fast wireless network abilities.

Companion is designed to deliver optimal system usability, manageability and integrative abilities together with high availability, scalability, reliability and performance.

Features of Sales Force Automation

  • HR Functions
  • CRM Functions
  • Call Management
  • Collaboration
  • e-Detailing
  • Survey
  • Query Managment
  • Sampling

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